Well Wishes, Your Medical Gift Registry

Well Wishes is your go-to medical gift registry site. We strive to provide an easy way for you to create a registry for your medical needs, from monetary donations to medical supplies. 

It’s our mission to replace the “i” in illness with “we,” in order to foster wellness.  We exist to benefit individuals who are going through catastrophic medical events that impact their lives physically, emotionally and financially. Healthcare costs are steadily increasing, and getting the support you need is crucial.

When you are sick or fighting for your life, items that bring you comfort, and knowing how much people care, can only benefit you on your journey.

How to get Started with Well Wishes

Step 1

Register for your account.


Step 2

Setup your campaign add your registries.


Step 3

Get the help you need.

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Well Wishes, Your Medical Gift Registry

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Click "Sign Up" and create a profile for your registry account. We'll ask for info like your name, phone number, email address, etc.

After creating your account, click "Add a New Campaign" and enter in details such as: your circumstance, PayPal information, links to your other gift registries (Amazon, Target, etc.). Click ‘publish’ so that people can search and donate to your campaign.

Congrats! Your campaign is now active and ready to receive donations. When you're ready to withdraw your gifts, log into the dashboard and select, "Campaigns" > "Payments" at the top of the dashboard. Select the amount you'd like to withdraw. You should get a conformation email shortly that confirms your request. Once approved by Well Wishes admins, PayPal will place the money in your account!