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Well Wishes

Thank you for finding Well Wishes Registry. You may be wondering what we are all about, but most importantly, why is there a Donate to Well Wishes bucket! Once you hear our story, we hope that you will feel inspired to help us continue to help others as well.

Our journey began in April 2019, when just weeks after her 27th birthday my future daughter-in-law was diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer. We were texting one day, I told her I loved her and asked her how she was doing. She replied, “I love you too. I am feeling pretty overwhelmed. It’s like the attention I get on my birthday, but worse because there’s no presents”. Soon after that I was talking to my mom and I mentioned that it would be really nice if there was a gift registry for sick people. I had searched the internet for days trying to find items that she may need. I also discovered that many of the things I thought she would/could use, were not something that she felt she needed. Or I would purchase something that she mentioned, and find out someone else had already gotten it for her. It was frustrating and exhausting. Through this experience I had the idea for Well Wishes!

This has been a whirlwind experience over the last six months; and I truly feel this business was meant to happen. Each step of the process has fallen easily into place. Even though I am just a middle aged woman who has never started a business before, it seems I have met the right people at the right time, and have received positive support from everyone I have come into contact with regarding this project.

My long term goal is to make this gift registry more robust, and sophisticated enough to function like the on-line (wedding) gift registry sites. Spoiler alert–that caliber of functionality is very costly! I have received quotes up to $250k to develop a site with that kind of functionality, which is out of my grasp as a middle-class, modest income gal.

Please know that it is not the goal to become rich from this business. The $10.00 registration fee only slightly covers the administrative costs to operate the business. We do not take a percentage of the donations made to the fundraising campaigns. The banking companies who handle the monetary transactions (PayPal and Stripe) are the only ones who charge a percent on the donations as well as a credit card transaction fee. Lastly, we do not receive any portion of the online sales generated from the gift registries linked to other retail sites.

So, if you are feeling extra generous and want to support us in our endeavors to become the go-to medical gift registry website, please consider donating a little extra to our Well Wishes General Donation Fund. A portion of the donations will go towards website maintenance, and future growth to our site. Equally important, a portion of the funds received will be divided between campaigns on this site, or to other certified 501(C)(3) organizations, who work towards the same goals we do–which is to help those who most need help.

Please consider showing that you wish others well, by donating to Well Wishes today.