About Us

What Is Well Wishes Registry? 

Well Wishes is a gift registry for people who need assistance with various medical needs arising from catastrophic illness or accidents. Our website allows patients to create a medial resources registry and keep track of items and donations that they receive. In addition, it allows people donating to find those in need and make the giving process easy. Our goal is to provide an organized way for family, friends and the community to offer assistance that best benefits the patient.  

Why Did We Create Well Wishes Registry?

We created Well Wishes Registry because typically when a family member or friend have been diagnosed with a catastrophic illness, such as cancer, or has a debilitating injury, people say, “Let me know how I can help.” However, initially the patient may not know what they need, and when they find out, their focus is on treatment and recover; not following up with people to see who can help.

How Can You Help?

The best way to help is to search our Campaigns Page and donate to someone in need. You can either donate by general monetary donation, or by browsing and selecting gifts from registry sites like Amazon, Target, etc (if they have those links in their profile description). 

If you are unsure about who to donate to, you can always donate to our general registry bucket and we will personally gift this donation to someone in great need.